The Best Artist In The World


Fabian Perez, ever heard of him? Well you should of! If you haven’t, go look him up! He is an amazing, amazing artist! He is so talented with his work! His paintings are phenomenal and just keep getting better and better! My dad actually collects his paintings and seriously, I could just stare at them all day!

Fabian Perez, born in 1967 and raised in Campana, was born and raised in a brothel. Being brought up around sultry women, Fabio formed an intense imagination and grew up to be a legend in the art industry! His famous paitings are of sultry women (who are actually real by the way) doing poses in their suspenders and sexy clothes! It sounds all very sexual but the paintings are so delicetly painted and the women have a real elegance about them! The women are absolutely beautiful which helps of course!

In his paintings, a man will sometimes be in them, this man is a matter of fact his own dad who passed away when he was younger! In the paintng, the man is young and devilishly handsome and Fabian Perez has actually painted exdactly how he remembers his dad! So when he paints these work of arts, there is no man actually standing there, it is I his mind of how he remembered his dad… how talented and what a lovely story!

Fabian Perez, I believe, was born to paint and my god, hasn’t he done well! He paints these women effortlessly and paints them with such grace… 100% my favourite artist of all time! I actually had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago in Solihull at an art gallery event that was hosted for him and all of his famous paintings! And he truly is one of the nicest men I have ever met! He took the time to talk to me and my dad and actually chatted to us for a while. He was so level headed and down to earth! It was so nice as not many famous people are like that once fame hits them!
What a guy and what an artist!

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