Birmingham Airport is Ready to Gain More Passengers

Birmingham Airport is the 7th largest airport in the UK. However, to compare it with London airport, this is the third largest airport. It has more than 50 airlines today with 9.4 million passengers from more than 140 direct routes. Having this number of passengers make the airport very busy. The target or passengers should be increased in 2020. It hopes it could gain around 15 million passengers.

This isn’t bad news for local airport transfer companies either, Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham have claimed there call volume for airport transfers and taxis has increased by 30% since last year 2017.

Birmingham Airport with its confidence is sure to able to reach the target after it won the close competition. This airport becomes the top 5 ranks in the competition after the judgement results in 200 passengers as the sample. The passengers in this airport reach their gate under 15 minutes.

The faster passengers to reach the gate, it means the better airport it is. Everything in the airport is about the efficiency and it is better to move fast. In Birmingham Airport, the passengers who are not using the fast track also could reach the gate in less than 15 minutes. One of the best thing you can see here is, you can easily hire taxis from Birmingham airport or vice versa, you can also easily get taxis to Birmingham airport.

The Birmingham Airport keeps renovating its building. It keeps facilitating the passengers with the great service of facilities only to give them the convenience feeling. This is 24 hours airport which means the very busy activities happened here. No one loves to enter the airport in hurry or waiting in bored. Therefore, the convenience facilities will be very helpful to kill the time. In addition, the short way to reach the gate and to out of the gate will be very helpful for the passengers who are in hurry, bring their children, or disabilities.


Seeing the development of Birmingham Airport makes anyone who sees it sure if this airport could gain more passengers in the near future. It is possible to get over the target. If you want to visit Birmingham, be ready to try the sensation of the five top rank airport in the UK.

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