Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Tweed! I am a young girl who has a dream, like most do! My dream is to share my drawings and share my passion with people out there that are interested in the same thing or people I can actually make interested in art by my blogs!

Going back a little, as you can imagine, I was a real pain at school! I would constantly be drawing, never listening to my teachers and I would even draw on things I shouldn’t of, I just couldn’t help it, once I had a crayon in my hand, I would draw anything that popped into my mind, that’s kind of why they nicknamed me ‘clever crayon’ at school! Not sure where the clever came from though, but I kind of liked the idea so I just went with it! Now even my own family calls me clever crayon!

I want to share my passion with people and show them how amazing art can be! I can’t wait to start sharing things with you lovelies and hopefully discussing things with you and potential building up relationships with you! Whatever I write about on my blog will be real information but my opinions mixed in with it, so please don’t be offended if I say something you may not also agree with!

I currently work in a small café within Staffordshire and at the moment, the only arty thing I do there is decorate the hot drinks with the chocolate dust! So for me, this blog is important if I want to pursue my dream and become an artist in the future! So, if you like my work or my information, please feel free to share it, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you for reading my page, I hope you like it and come back soon!

Kind Regards

S Tweed

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