How Are Double Glazed Windows Are Made

How Are Double Glazed Windows Are Made

Are you thinking of installing a double glazed window? Do you know the components of the double glazing windows? Energy efficient windows make your home more comfortable while reducing the energy costs. They assist in creating a healthier and cleaner environment. The double glazed windows help in reducing the noise, keeps your house warmer in winters and reduces the use of energy.

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The components of a double glazed unit that fits in the window frame consists of the seven components:

Spacer Bar

A frame that divides the two panels of glass by forming a cavity. The spacer bar can either be of aluminium or warm-edge.


A silicon material used in the spacer bar to dry up moisture stuck within the cavity.

Primary Seal

The key obstacle for air or moisture into the double glazed unit.

The Glass

There are plenty types of glass like Low-E, solar control, self-cleaning, acoustic etc.

Secondary Seal

The main structural bonding agent around the outside edge of the unit. It is essential because it holds the elements together.

The Cavity

It is the vacuum created between the elements.

The Gas Filling the Cavity

To fill the gap between the panes dehydrated air is used such as Argon, Xenon or Krypton.

How Are They Made?

The double glazed windows contain two panes of glass, split by a spacer bar and seals. A bonding agent is put on the face of the spacer bar on both the sides and the sheets are pressed against the spacer. The cavity is filled with either air or gas such as Argon, this improves the insulation and prevents condensation in the unit. The air or gas are poor conductors of heat, it makes them best for insulation effect.

Moreover, the gap between the two panes of glass decreases the heat conduction, keeping the warm air in and cold out. Hence, it makes the home energy efficient and reduces the bills. In case the double glazed unit is gas filled, two holes are drilled into the spacer of the unit. Then lines are connected to draw out the air and change it to desired gas. The lines are removed and holes are closed in order to contain gas. Modern technique is to use online gas filler, which eradicates the requirement to drill holes in the spacer bar. Afterward, the units are sealed on the edge side with the help of silicone sealant or polysulphide. It prevents humid outside air from entering the unit.

The double glazed window has evolved since its inception. The original double glazed used two sheets of float glass with a very small spacer bar. Nowadays, the double glazed units are more energy efficient with toughened safety glass, wider spacer bars, and self-cleaning glass.

Now that you are aware of the components of the double glazed windows, you know how beneficial they can be for you. Some of the benefits of double glazed windows is that reduces noise, makes your home looks fantastic and increases the value of your property.

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