Privacy Policy

Hello everyone! I have no idea how to write a privacy policy, but I have been advised to do one! It’s not really something I would really think about when creating my own page but here goes!

This site is very safe, I will never put anything harmful on this site as it is just a simple WordPress blog that I have decided to randomly produce myself although I will not be held responsible if anything does happen on my site and you get in trouble. I will also not be held responsible for anything if you have posted something onto my page and it is deleted by myself or someone writes on my page and you don’t like what they have put.

I will only approve comments that I see are fit to what this page is trying to advertise and I will not accept any verbal violence and your comment will be automatically deleted from my site. All of your comments must be approved by myself so please choose your words carefully.

Hope this Privacy Policy is good enough for you all! If it’s not please let me know and I will politely just ignore it, ha! Thanks everyone!